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We understand the dilemma of choosing the correct pump for each application and the costs involved including future maintenance etc.  This is why we make a promise of offering a pump or system suitable for each and every application, if there are alternatives we will make sure you have all the options available including pricing and pump durability, long term costs etc. Pumps are expensive and we will never knowingly be more expensive on any of our equipment.

Busch Mink Claw Vacuum Pumps

These pumps are perfect for the same applications normally associated with dry running vane pumps. With vacuum levels as low as 50mbar and up to 1,000m3/h.  The benefits of this type of pump are future costs.

Busch Cobra Screw Vacuum Pumps

Perfect for similar applications as a traditional oil lubricated vacuum pump but with the added feature of being able to handle some amounts of liquid, deep vacuum is achieved from these pumps and are particularly good processing harsh chemicals. Vacuum as low as 0.01mbar (abs)

Special Process Pumps

We develop and build this pump specifically for vacuum clamping on CNC machining centres where coolant is used in the cutting process.  This pumping station is designed to handle up to 45lt of coolant per cycle and automatically dumps the coolant at the end of the process.

Standard Vacuum Station

Our vacuum stations offer an automatic switch off when not required for production.  The unit has a vacuum switch which monitors the pressure and cycles the pump saving energy.

We also supply and install a full range of Dry Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps, Oil Lubricated Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps, Side Channel Blowers, Liquid Ring Pumps.

We manufacture our Vacuum Stations here in the UK, the Vacuum Pumps are all manufactured in Germany

Pump Spares

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