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Handling packaged goods or using robotics to move product from conveyor lines can cause difficulties. choosing the correct gripper for your robot couldn’t be more important.  We are happy to visit your factory and demonstrate the range of grippers available on your product to ensure you have trouble free handling.

Pads, Cups, Switches, Mounting Hardware, Hose, Manifolds, Valves, System Monitoring, Regulators, Gauges, Alarms etc..

Considering Large Area Grippers? you could be pleasantly surprised at the cost! also a demonstration is not a problem as we can show how effective these grippers are on site.

Suction Cups

Offering a complete selection of suction cups through to suction plates in a choice of materials from Natural Rubber to Vulkollan.

Robotic Grippers

Fully configured systems for industrial robots and portals, delivered and ready for connection.

Schmalz VEE End Effector

This gripper comes as a kit were you can make up to two of your own grippers. This kit includes 120 pieces including connectors. Invaluable if you process anything light.

Valve Technology

Everything from Solenoid Valves to Flow control Valves


Non-return (check valves)

Ball Valves to Hand Slide Valves

Mounting Elements

Build your own system with the help of our mounting systems allowing fixed or spring loaded plungers and flexible knuckle joints.

Special Grippers

Our special grippers include Needle grippers, Magnetic grippers, Composite (SCG)grippers and Floating Suction pads

System Monitoring

Regular Vacuum Gauges, Vacuum Switches, Alarms

Also we carry pressure switches as well as combined vacuum and pressure

Pressure and vacuum regulators

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