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500Kg capacity VacuFork which is able to handle both smooth and rough textured sheet including checker (Diamond) plate.

2,500Kg capacity for heavy plate ideal to load a Plasma, Laser or Waterjet machine with ease. This particular device was designed to allow chains to be attached to remove the skeleton after cutting.


Forklift Vacuum Lifter Attachment

These devices are designed for companies who need to load a cutting machine where there is no available or dedicated crane. The VacuFork offers an affordable option which is safe, easy to operate and can handle substantial loads without marking the raw material. Each VacuFork comes with its own battery charger and parking stands making it easy for an operator to simply set the VacuFork to the side and continue on with regular business. As the principal is vacuum it overcomes the problems with magnets and can lift any solid sheet or plate regardless of material type.

All VacuForks come with all the usual safety features you would expect including:

We design each VacuFork for each customers specification and offer features including Wireless Remote Control etc.

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